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The Village on Walnut

A pocket neighborhood community


To The Neighborhood

A partnership for good

Located on the west side of the Oklahoma State Capitol, just minutes from midtown and downtown, is a cozy neighborhood where you know your neighbors. A place where friends gather on a common green or around a fire pit to laugh. This is a place with great porches and a friendly vibe. 

This place is truly different from the suburbs. Cars are out of sight, public spaces are exquisitely designed and maintained, and private spaces are all your own. 

A home for everyone

The "Doll Houses"

1 bedroom, 1 bath cottages
Cathedral Ceilings
Open floor plans

The "Cottages"

2 bedroom, 2 bath homes
Attached garages
Open floor plans


2 or 3 Bedrooms
Flex studio space to live or work from home

Family Homes

3 Bedrooms, 2+ baths
1600+ Square Feet
Detached garages

An intentional community

When a small group of people are together, conversation is spontaneous. This fact of our human nature is what pocket neighborhoods are built around.

Ross Chapin, Author/Architect, Pocket Neighborhoods

A homestead finding new purpose

A place rooted deep in Oklahoma History

Located just minutes from midtown and downtown Oklahoma City and just blocks from the Oklahoma State Capitol and health complexes, this community is ideally situated. Part of an original homestead, the historic home predates the construction of the State Capitol building.