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Buy a home!

Just follow the steps

Step 1
See if you qualify

You may qualify for our downpayment assistance program which provides up to $23,000 for your downpayment, closing costs and interest rate buy-downs.

80% Area Median Income Guidelines

(effective 6/15/23)


Family size    Maximum Income

  • 1           $50,150  
  • 2           $57,300
  • 3           $64,450
  • 4           $71,600
  • 5           $77,350
  • 6           $83,100

Step 2
Download the application

The kind people at two agencies will assist you at no charge with getting qualified for downpayment assistance. Contact either agency for help!

Step 3
Work with your lender

Whether you have a lender already or are looking, there are great local community banks willing to help. Contact one of the above agencies for guidance.